Spiritual democracy, be your own doctor, shopping guidelines and tyranny in Australia: Monday news and blogs

  • Spiritual Democracy: People Are Beautiful — Huffington Post, Lee Schneider — “Empathic moments are the most intensely alive experiences we ever have. We empathize with each others’ struggles against death and for life. One acknowledges the whiff of death in another’s frailties and vulnerabilities. No one ever empathizes with a perfect being.” – Jeremy Rifkin
  • Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia: Become your own doctor – nobody else cares about you like you doRevolutionary? Maybe, but it’s about time. The following words are written by a doctor. A wise doctor. This is neither impossible nor illegal, and is more and more essential all the time. Healing is too big a topic for any one person to know it all. While that statement includes me and you, it also includes your doctor. But it is not impossible to learn more than your doctor knows, particularly in key areas. You can go to any book or paper in print, read it, apply it, and draw practical conclusions from it. What you will read is just what any physician reads. In fact, you may discover material that your doctor never saw, or did see and never investigated. With a good bibliography, an inquiring mind, and gradual experience, there is no reason why you cannot gain considerable competence in treating yourself and your immediate family in many instances. Remember that in doing your research you will also learn when you really do need a physician.
  • Shopping Guidelines for Eggs, Dairy and Meat For the best quality animal products, buy those from grass-fed or pastured animals. Yes, organic once was the mark of excellence but today it is often a meaningless term (see below). A sustainably raised milk cow, steer, buffalo or sheep grazes in a field or pasture and during the winter months its diet is supplemented with hay. A sustainably raised chicken freely roams and eats seeds, weeds and insects and its diet is supplemented with corn and soy. — Key advantages of grass-fed are higher nutrition and greater flavor. Compared to conventionally fed animals, the products of ruminants and fowl raised on fresh pasture are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, up to six times higher in vitamin D, four times higher in vitamin E and contain up to five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This superior nutritional profile is higher in antioxidants and helps lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Australians Labeled Mentally Ill to be Held up to a Month Without Legal Review « Spit, Bristle and Fury — How convenient it is to label someone mentally ill. You seldom have to worry about their rights. Whether legally supported or just socially allowed by way of a quiet acceptance (usually both), a label of mental illness separates you out to a lower and less free class. I know — it’s nothing I haven’t said before but until it changes, it’s not the kind of thing that goes without saying.

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