Meditation, thoughts on relationship with parents, the Nemeroff probe and more info on SSRI antidepressants: Wednesday news and blogs

  • This Is Your Brain On Meditation: Mingyur Rinpoche Describes The Science Of Happiness — More on neuroplasticityThe gamma activity, increased by meditation, remained high even after meditation had ceased. The studies indicated that meditation was an example of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change). Simply put, the laboratory concluded that meditation physically alters the brain. “Thirteen years ago they said it was impossible to change the brain after a certain point.” Rinpoche said. “Now, they realize that the brain continues to develop your whole life. From a meditation point of view, of course, this has always been true.”
  • So your parents are crazy — ShambalaSunSpace — Acknowledging that your parents are normal people — just like the jerks you work with or your own bossy spouse — and that they too are on a path of growth, can ease your mind a bit.
  • And The Status Of The Nemeroff Probe Is… — Pharmalot — The outcome is unclear, of course, but the interest taken by the HHS OIG underscores the issue raised by Grassley, which is whether universities are fulfilling their requirements to adequately monitor disclosures in an effort to maintain scientific integrity and objectivity. Meanwhile, for those who wish to keep track, the Nemeroff affair is prompting the National Institutes of Health to review rules that allow a transgressor to apply for new grants from a different institution.

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