Mental Health Matters – Peer Respite Centers

Clearly a much more humane and healing way to go! And it saves money too. It does not fill the pockets of pharma and psychiatrists though. Wow, yes, a healing refuge for the psyche with NO psychiatrists. And they work…better than hospitals. This is the wave of the future.

Peer respite centers are community-based alternative models of mental health residential care. They foster wellness, are holistic in scope, and are staffed by people who are peers in terms of having experience in psychiatric crisis. Join host Barbara Meyers as she talks with Yana Jacobs and Dr. Michael Cornwall, two individuals who have experience with this promising practice.

h/t Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia

Ah! there is an article on Mad in America today too, by Michael Cornwall who is in the above video too about peer respite centers. Check it out! 

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