Pesticide impact on veggies: #foodie Friday

This is a list of conventional vegetables which are most heavily impacted by pesticides down to those which are least impacted by pesticides. This is good information to have in the event, if you’d like to minimize exposure but save some money at the same time like I do. So basically you want to buy only organically grown produce from the top 2/3’s or so and then as you get down lower going conventional isn’t as bad. I understand we don’t all have that option, but it’s good to have the info for if there comes a time when you can afford organic.

Also remember farmers markets! They often grow organically even if they aren’t certified and you can ask. Also eating locally grown veggies is healthier. Veggies that travel lose a lot of nutrients because they can be a lot older by the time they reach your table.

Eating as well as we can help us stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. Pesticides do impact us in numerous ways including our mental well-being. Many pesticides are xenoestrogens means that they can cause hormonal issues in everyone: men, women and children.  This can have a big impact on mental well-being. Excess estrogen can impact everyone and is especially problematic for children who are developing.

Taken from this website which give’s permission to copy it’s content.


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