Festive winter root veggies

Fall has arrived on this hemisphere…

I found the recipe that inspired this dish from Dr. Weil . I pretty much did exactly what he suggested but I only used some of the veggies he suggested. I didn’t include potatoes as I don’t eat them. I also roasted the vegetables in a bit of coconut oil which has a low smoke point. Olive oil gets denigrated at high heat.  I added a bit of olive oil after they were out of the oven.

The yellow veggie is a beet. I didn’t use red beets.

The ingredients and what I did:

●  2 turnips
●  5 small parsnips
●  1 super large golden beet
● 1 very large red onion cut into 6 large pieces and divided up some
● 2 sprigs of rosemary
● 12 cloves of garlic (which I cooked with the veggies from beginning to end unlike Weil’s recipe)
● Salt and black pepper to taste
● Coconut oil to roast
● Olive oil to taste
● Balsamic vinegar to taste

I mixed everything but the balsamic up at the beginning and then roasted the whole thing in a roasting pan. I added the balsamic towards the end of the roasting time. I’m sorry but I didn’t notice how long it took, maybe and hour or an hour and a half.

So good.

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