Our entire mental health system is based on this fallacy…

YES!!! our entire mental health system which operates by drugging away symptoms is based on this fallacy…

Telling another to “lighten up” or be more positive can be shame-inducing, however nicely we might do it. What if they need to stay with their hate or despair or depressiveness for a while? How can we be sure that they’d be better off getting away from such states as soon as possible? Perhaps at such times we are — through our contact with their endarkened condition — starting to feel more in touch with such states in ourselves, and want the other to get away from their “darkness” so that we don’t have to feel our own. — Robert Augustus Masters

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This quote makes me think of an article I often think about called, You can’t heal what you don’t feel, by Nicole Urdang. The truth of that simple statement runs deep. And it often runs through my mind now as I find my way through the maze of discovery from having been drugged for decades.

Wonderful article by Robert Augustus Masters on Beyond Meds:

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