Be a healing presence: the Seiki switch

bradandhillary_30709_1351722394Hillary Keeney discusses finding and activating your seiki “on button” and the benefits of seiki. Music performed by Bradford Keeney. The Keeney Center for Seiki Jutsu.

Words like ‘seiki’ and the ‘vital life force’ do not have to be limited to signifying physical energy and forces that belong to the laws of physics. Instead, they also can be regarded as poetic metaphors that hint at the wholeness of life and how it can be experienced. Accordingly, we do not reduce seiki to only being a physical energy. Though it may be felt as if it were an electrical force surging through the body, any reference to this experience as an “energy” or “force” is better taken as a holistic metaphor. In the same way that a person can poetically say that they have “fallen in love”, been “struck by God”, or “slain in the spirit”, seiki is a way of indicating heightened ways of feeling alive. Here we find that feeling remarkably alive contributes to being more alive. (read more here)

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