Open Paradigm Project – Lauren Spiro (there was never anything wrong with her)

Another video from the Open Paradigm Project

spiroHer brain was not broken. It was a lie. Look at her now. How many people never figure out they’ve been lied to? I didn’t figure it out until I became gravely disabled from the drugs. Please help others learn the truth too before harm comes to them.

It’s true: There is nothing wrong with you either — that’s a post about a book that deeply influenced me on the same theme.

People recover and thrive in spite of having been told otherwise by psychiatry. Learn to heal in the most wholesome way you can. There are many options other than psychiatric pharmaceuticals,

For ideas on how to start healing and thriving in different ways look at the drop-down navigation menus at the top of this blog. It is not an exhaustive list. There are as many ways to heal as there are people. Getting healthy is about learning to live well. That will look different for everyone. This is what my healing journey is looking like.

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