Back into withdrawal hell…

mattSeven years out and Matt Samet fell back into withdrawal syndrome hell — not taking care of his body…so ultimately it’s a painful lesson as he gets back to doing so.

In any case it’s good to know that we who have been harmed this way must ALWAYS be careful…I have no interest whatsoever in ever drinking coffee or alcohol again…or eating sugar or gluten…some things do change us forever and I know how much they harm me now…won’t test certain things ever again…I’m grateful to listen to my body speak so clearly on these things.

His attitude remains good as he’s been through this terrain before. We can all learn from him and not make these same mistakes. Thank you Matt Samet for your sharing of your painful and very inspiring journey. You help us all.

Read Matt’s beautifully eloquent new post on Mad in America: SETBACKS

Info about safer drug withdrawal protocols and psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

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