Many paths (as many as there are beings)

Rumi-TeachingsThere are a myriad different ways to search, but the object of the search is always the same. Don’t you see that the roads to Mecca are all different? One comes from Byzantium, another from Syria, still others wind through land or across the sea. The roads are different; the goal is one. – Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)
Teachings of Rumi

I often talk about how what works for me may not be appropriate for anyone else when I talk about healing. Well this extends out to our entire lives as well as our spiritual pursuits. I’ve also written about how important it is to respect where people fall on the spectrum of psychiatric drug use.  SEE: To my friends and readers who still take psych drugs (and to the whole spectrum of folks on and off meds too)

On that note I’m sharing this lovely video I’ve shared before with Tami Simon.

I LOVE this. We are all incredibly and importantly unique. “We need each other to be different!” says Tami. What a lovely and important thought and realization. “All of us are needed in this cosmic universal body.” 

“We have to trust OUR one and only awakening. Unprecedented. Cannot be repeated.” She continues... Again, YES!

This is the fundamental reason that coercion in psychiatry is wrong too. People all have their own way to find. And we know this deep within ourselves. This is why our idiosyncratic experience is only that. To generalize it to others is arrogant and misguided. Just as the psychiatrist didn’t know what was right for many of the readers of this blog, we too do not know what is right for anyone other than ourselves.

We have Internal Guidance…learn to find yours and encourage it in others. Then we’ll all be healers.

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