More sound healing and how it happens for me: Pachelbel’s Canon in D

soundA new theme on Beyond Meds has recently emerged as I learn to use sound, tones and music to further heal the iatrogenic brain/body/mind injury. I can feel all these things affect my autonomic nervous system in very profound ways. When we heal we are rewiring or retraining our brain…this is the essence of neuroplasticity.

I’ve learned to trust my intuitions and the other day my mind alerted me to find Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I wasn’t even sure what it was exactly. I knew it was a piece of popular classical music, but I wasn’t sure which one. In any case, my unconscious mind knew and remembered and was telling me it would be helpful. And so it was.

I found several interpretations of the Canon on Sound Cloud, which I was able to download for free. Each interpretation leads to similar but subtly different parts of my psyche that needed tending to. I’ve shared several below for your enjoyment. If you are not drawn to Pachelbel’s Canon, find what you are drawn to musically and tonally and see if it helps your meditation and/or contemplations. Ecstatic dance, too can be very helpful in accessing the wounded psyche and body for healing.

Below the following pieces of music I will list other posts on Beyond Meds that explore sound healing. A lot of them include links to free downloads. I’m finding it critically important for myself at this juncture of my healing path.

Also of note: I may listen to something I find healing once or over and over again. I suspect the Pachelbel Canon won’t be something I listen to again and again. But some of the pieces from the other posts listed below have been very helpful again and again…and each time I listen to them they bring me someplace different.





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