Happiness is an empty promise

Too many people are striving for a quick and dirty way to feel hedonistic bliss without accepting the negative feelings they have, says Steven Hayes.


I’ve always thought that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy was a very effective fusion of western psychotherapy and mindfulness practices and have referred folks to the workbooks for many years. Steven Hayes is one of the founders of that system. I’d not heard him speak before seeing this video. He’s clearly one of the good guys. I knew that from reading his manuals, but it’s nice to hear him speak.

GOOYMTo be clear I believe there are a lot of self-care we can do as well. The therapies that he names at the end of the video are by no means the only way to heal. They are one way. There are many ways to heal and not all of them involve therapy. Following your heart and intuition about the modalities that work best for you is key.

You can visit the drop-down menus at the top of the page for many different ideas for healing resources and information. (not at all exhaustive)

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