I can feel both dance and music changing and healing my brain’s neurons

There is a dance that only you know how to do, says Gabriel Roth…the woman who popularized the ecstatic dance movement.

This post holds a collection of works on music, sound and dance healing practices. Lots of videos included. Have fun!

We each possess a fierce wisdom that only comes from within. To practice getting out of its way, getting into our groove and stripping away the things that are blocking its blossoming is our medicine. Taking refuge from the world of doing to truly connect with our deepest self, to hook up to the divine force that moves all things and become deeply rooted in the mysterious workings of our inner worlds, is holy work that feeds the soul.

More ECSTATIC DANCE HERE   — a sample from that collection here:  Everyone here is a freak, just like me” — (Ecstatic Dance)

We can change our brains and I’m doing it. Neuroplasticity.

More posts on music, sound and dance healing:

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New: Chill…a playlist

More sounds for the soul from Beyond Meds:

More on moving/dancing/shaking for healing:


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