Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry

Got the heads up from a friend of mine who has also gone through a heinous psychiatric drug withdrawal experience. He’s involved in this effort in the UK:

cepI wanted to announce the launch of the website of a new organisation called the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry. You can visit at for lots of recovery videos, interviews with withdrawal charities and much more. I’m hoping that over time it will become a really helpful resource for those of us who have been harmed, and for the people in the UK who ought to be doing something to reduce this harm in the future. CEP has a full launch at the end of April at the Houses of Parliament, and we expect more publicity then. In the meantime, please visit the site, tweet, share, like and all the rest!

From the site:

CEP exists to communicate the evidence of the damaging effects of psychiatric drugs and treatments in the UK to the people and institutions that can make a difference. This evidence shows that psychiatric drugs, portrayed as useful and efficacious by many areas of the medical profession, can cause considerable harm to many patients, particularly when taken long term. Our members include psychiatrists, academics, withdrawal support charities and others who are deeply concerned about the prevalence of the ‘medical model’ and the increasing numbers of potentially damaging prescriptions being given to both adults and children. (GO READ MORE AND VIEW VIDEOS TOO)

Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry

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