Native American flute to meditate by…

fluteI’ve been listening to Native American Flute lately. Below is something I found on youtube just now. This is the album I’ve been listening to: Native American Flute: Sleep Music

I can feel both dance and music and sound changing and healing my brain’s neurons. Seriously. We can change our brains and I’m doing it. Neuroplasticity. Everything else in my healing protocol takes part in this movement of healing as well

Sound can heal. If this music doesn’t do it for you, something else may. It’s always changing even for me so we cannot expect to respond to the same thing others do at any given time as well. Also, if music and sound isn’t right for you now, it might be at another time. I couldn’t tolerate any sound or music for a couple of years during the worst of the iatrogenic illness. Even very gentle tones and sound were too much. If you are suffering from such hypersensitivity from psychiatry drug withdrawal syndrome, that will pass in time.

More sounds for the soul from Beyond Meds:

More on moving/dancing/shaking for healing:

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