Healing is not linear

Healing is not linear. (we hear that all the time, for good reason).  For me healing is like a spiral staircase with a good dose of yoyo all the way up….

So, when folks want to pathologize our healing process we can tell them, *healing* is a highly disordered process…in that the fact that it’s radically non-linear makes it hard to know what is happening…and some of it involves going into the depths of the unknown…indeed healing requires becoming very comfortable with the unknown. That’s not pathological but sometimes things look pretty dicey for sure.

Psychiatry, if nothing else, wants to concretize the chaos that can actually open up and become beautiful if we are allowed to move through it. Instead they stop the process with drugs and the chaos becomes crystallized, painful, stuck insanity.  Insanity and/or pathology is the suppression of the chaos, not the chaos itself. Life force must flow. Sometimes it’s chaotic…generally, it’s chaotic. Come on. We want to control everything but life says NO WAY.

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I told my story. Loudly and publicly. It’s been important to a lot of people. Still, now, the message I get most loudly is SHUT THE FUCK UP. It doesn’t mean all the time, but often. And so I try to move through my life a bit more quietly now.

sitting with what being silent is like is rather illuminating sometimes!

As the nervous system quiets so does the mouth. 😆

Remember, telling the story is important when it’s time to tell it!  For all who hold toxic secrets that are making them sick

More about our stories


We are simultaneously both broken and embodied perfection… no story really holds that — it’s time to dive off the storyboard all together


If “self-medicating” is done with mindful awareness it is often far better and is healthier than subjecting oneself to neurotoxic pharma. Supporting oneself during healing processes is self care. Learning to listen to and respond to the body is the healing process. Self-medicate? Sounds like another way we are nasty to ourselves. We learn to support ourselves in healthier and healthier ways as we pay attention to our bodies. If we use substances that aren’t ideal they can fall away as our body indicates they are no longer needed. This is harm-reduction and can be practiced with any substance (legal or illegal)  and includes food. Harm-reduction can become a way of life as we come to respect our environment as well.


selective focus photography of brown mushroom
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For a multitude of ideas about how to create a life filled with safe alternatives to psychiatric drugs visit the drop-down menus at the top of this page. 


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