Persisting Decline in Depression Treatment After FDA Warnings

I saw this study too in the last couple of days and didn’t feel moved to make comment. Philip, at Furious Seasons, though comments very wisely. Please go take a visit.

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  1. Back in the ’80’s when the economy got really bad and homelessness shot way up there was an industry created to take care of those who were homeless. Bear with me here–this will make sense soon (I hope). I was in college then and I had a wonderful sociology prof who was quite beyond orthodoxy. He theorized (and some others have as well both then and since) that the creation of the system to care for the homeless meant that we would never see an end of homelessness. And here we are some 30 years later and it’s still rather a booming industry. It was and is not in the interest of the providers of care to the homeless to end the problem because that effectively ends their employment.

    I see similar things here. How many jobs have been created around diagnosing (I might say creating) people as mentally ill and then treating it? The downturn in depression diagnoses and the fall in prescriptions for drugs is a threat to how many jobs??? How much profit are the muckety-mucks losing? Call me a cynic (cause I am:) but most people act in their own interests (those of us who have reason to follow Gianna’s journey might be the exception on that one to our misfortune). Too many of the doctors and all of the pharmaceutical companies want to keep people drugged because less Prozac sales translates to less profit and less work and lots of lost jobs (profit for those in charge being the more important factor in the good ol’ USA, IMHO) Same thing with the creation of physical so-called illnesses that need to be drugged away. However did our ancestors survive without Viagra and pills to make you pee more (or less)??? Oh how I HATE capitalism!!!

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