Children meditating, Americans like their drugs, caffeine and books: Saturday news and blogs

Mummy, can we meditate now? How relaxation exercises can help your child to sleep — The Independent — It started with the disappearance of the bedtime wrangling, but there have been other benefits, too. Elise is less frustrated with things when they don’t go her way or when she gets something wrong, which before would have been a source of tension and much shouting and screaming on her part. She will sit for noticeably longer drawing or doing jigsaws, where before she would have got annoyed and given up. I have even taken the CD on holiday and she has settled down to sleep in a strange bed without any problem.

Americans prefer drugs for depression: survey — YahooHealth — Americans prefer drugs to talk therapy for depression, with nearly 80 percent taking a pill for the condition, Consumer Reports said on Tuesday.

Want to beat tinnitus? Try meditating for 20 minutes — Daily Mail — Tinnitus is a very common benzodiazepine withdrawal symptom which I’m very happy I’ve been spared. But as with all things human beings must tolerate or live with, mindfulness can be a tool to acceptance and transcendence both.

Caffeine addicts get no real perk from morning cup — YahooNews — I know when I was addicted all I did was stop withdrawals every morning.

Book owners have smarter kids — Salon — When it comes to your children, the books in your house matter more than your education or income

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