Madness Radio’s vibrant voices can be heard over the collective din

Will Hall, who co-edits on this blog with the handle “madnessradio” is being featured in an article in the Guardian.

Here is an excerpt from the article celebrating Madness Radio and Will Hall. I noticed there is at least one mistake being that he is in Seattle. He’s actually in Portland. Anyway…if there are anymore mistakes I’ll let you know once I’ve heard from Will.

Because of Hall, one of the first programmes broadcast on Valley Free Radio in 2005 was about mental illness. “In parallel with my radio activism I was also doing activism around the Freedom Centre – a peer-run mental health centre,” Hall explains. That one-hour programme morphed into Madness Radio, which has matured into a reflection of the myriad views that co-exist around mental health, with guests including writers, psychiatrists and service users.

In effect, Hall has brought his awareness of and connection to people with a diagnosis to a much broader audience while challenging conventions around mental health. The result is a regular, intelligent, thought-provoking and rare concept. “I learned that one of the things that is most healing for people is to tell their stories,” he says.

Madness Radio is testimony to the way in which people who feel ignored or misrepresented by wider media can capitalise on evolving technologies. These are voices worth listening to and, thanks to people like Hall, there is a vibrant and much-needed space in which they can be heard. read the whole article here

Madness Radio segments are also now being published here on Beyond Meds on a weekly basis from the archives of the wonderful show.

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