Any Advertisement that appears on this site is put there by WordPress and not me

I’ve now seen one advertisement and had reports from two other people that they are appearing from time to time. I know that wordpress says they reserve that right but it had never happened before.

One of the advertisements was for a rehab or detox clinic apparently and the person who saw it believed I supported it. Virtually all detox centers are dangerous. Please be careful.

Please look carefully at any links at the bottom of posts (I think that is where they are located)

The ad I saw was a drug ad! This sucks. I need to see what I can do to stop it. I may be able to pay and opt out.

I’m very sorry and will try to make this a safe place again. If anyone who is in contact with me via email sees one of these ads or has seen one please report to me what you saw.

update Okay…I’ve taken care of it…I just paid for an ad free blog. I’ll take this moment to ask for donations if anyone feels so inclined. The ad free only cost 30 bucks. So it’s not really a big deal except my household is still gainfully unemployed and in spite of my disability this blog still feels like work!

Donations can be made here through PayPal.

I can’t get the link to work.
Click on the funny looking link—the button doesn’t work:“>btn_donatecc_lg1

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