A newspaper says psych drugs are dangerous so it must finally be true, neuroplasticity, strawberries, and dealing with difficult people: Wednesday news and blogs

  • Psychiatric drugs carry serious physical health risks — The Vancouver Sun — The real cost of psychiatric drugs is finally starting to be known, though this isn’t a US newspaper. Remember to read Robert Whitaker’s book for documentation on these issues.People diagnosed with depression lose 25 years or more of life expectancy, Taylor said. — “The whole focus of my research has been trying to understand why giving an 18-year-old girl a diagnosis of depression means that she is much more likely than her counterpart to have a heart attack when she’s 55 — even if everything else between the two of them is the same,” Taylor says.”
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  • Experience shapes the brain’s circuitry throughout adulthood — PhysOrg — This idea is not new on this blog. Click here for links on neuroplasticity. The adult brain, long considered to be fixed in its wiring, is in fact remarkably dynamic. Neuroscientists once thought that the brain’s wiring was fixed early in life, during a critical period beyond which changes were impossible. Recent discoveries have challenged that view, and now, research by scientists at Rockefeller University suggests that circuits in the adult brain are continually modified by experience.
  • Scientists Say New Farm Chemical ‘Will Cause Disease and Illness’ | Investigations | AlterNet — Strawberries are always high on toxic load from pesticides but now there is even more reason to go organic if you want to eat them. Strawberry growers are planning to fumigate their crops with methyl iodide, a carcinogen and neurotoxin that can cause miscarriages and other medical problems.

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