NIH Reform Compromised By Chief NIMH Psychiatrist: more doctors behaving badly

This is a story I’ve been neglecting because my poor brain can handle just so much. I was glad to see Vera Sharav at AHRP do a nice little synopsis of the coverage today.

From Sharav’s email:

An investigative report by The Chronicle of Higher Education (June 6, 2010) revealed that Dr. Charles Nemeroff, who has become the poster child for what’s wrong with academic medicine in our country, was “quietly helped” to get a coveted position at University of Miami by Dr. Thomas Insell, Director of the NIMH.

Dr. Nemeroff’s conduct raised serious questions about his professional integrity and the integrity of the federally funded research projects that he administered. Dr. Insell is ostensibly leading an effort by the NIH to toughen its policies against financial conflicts of interest by researchers it funds. So his recommendation for a notorious violator of the rules raises serious doubts about the integrity of his reform efforts.

The Chronicle reported that Pascal J. Goldschmidt, dean of the University
of Miami’s medical school, said that Dr. Insell, confirmed in a telephone
call that “Charlie was absolutely in fine standing” with the NIH. read the article at AHRP

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