Will the real soul healers PLEASE STAND UP

“A word is a promise; a failure to deliver a kind of betrayal.  What does the language of mental health promise?”

I wrote that.  I wrote it because we’ve been promised something by psychiatry – namely, soul-healing – and we haven’t gotten it.  We’ve gotten pain, poison, suppression, denial, defamation, and death.

To live here, in this Eurocentric, industrialized, dehumanized society is to be traumatized.  The soul wounding is inflicted, as a matter of course, on just about everyone, all to the mantra of for your own good.  For your own good.  Trust me – it’s for your own good.

Yanked from the womb with forceps or a vacuum (when gravity will do much better) * fed on soy and synthetic “formulas” (when mother’s milk was what our very souls craved) * rudely awakened by a clanging alarm clock at 5:40am every weekday morning so that we can go sit in windowless jail cells [aka schools] and be fed useless, oversimplified bits of information (not knowledge)… having the creativity and individuality in us slowly squeezed out, to be replaced with a gray uselessness (when the truth – that the pursuit of knowledge is the greatest and most joyful quest imaginable – was right in front of us) * to negotiate, as green, trusting, innocent, teenagers,  a culture tremendously oversexed by the media, steeped in the ideas of abusive, vampire love, women as objects, men as mere accessories to their penises (when what we wanted was to be held, loved, respected) * to go to college, to get more “education,” but mainly to be told that we all are destined to become “productive members of society” – all the while accruing soul-crushing, lifelong debts of unimaginable sums (these debts making the “productive member of society” path the ONLY choice available) * then, to enter the “job market” only to find that there’s no use for whatever shreds of self-respect, intellect, and purpose remain after years of intellectual abuse.  To find that what’s expected is inactivity, lack of thought, unprofessionalism… (when what we wanted was TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE) * Violence – everywhere, even in beautiful suburbia – a seemingly unavoidable scream echoing down the corridors of your life, only to be silenced with willful ignorance, copious amounts of alcohol, or perhaps a bit of both * Evidence of “lives of quiet desperation” all around us; a trembling hand reaching for Coca-Cola ™ in aisle 15 at the grocery store (slogan- “Life begins here”), a crumpled and forlorn cigarette package in a tarred pothole, a solitary figure clutching an illuminated cell phone; a poor substitute for the presence of another human being, don’t you think?

Is it really all for our own good?

Purely anecdotal: I’ve noticed that a common trigger for mental unwellness in children is school—disbelief that such a place can exist, that children are condemned to spend a great deal of time there (for no easily understandable reason).  And in adults, it’s a growing recognition of how anti-human our mad society really is.

The self-proclaimed and professionally certified “soul healers” (again, I am referring to psychiatrists here…) aren’t helping; instead, I would argue that they are making things infinitely worse, by suggesting that their patients wish it all away with chemicals instead of addressing that which causes them so much pain.

But to be anti-psychiatry is to be “anti-soul healing.”  No good; because soul healing is clearly what we need.

So here is what I propose:

Each and every human being dedicated to SOUL HEALING needs to STAND UP.  Online, in “real life,” in their communities, in their homes… to their families, to their friends, to complete and total strangers.  To politicians, religious leaders, even mental health professionals.

Stand up and say (or sing, or shout, or write): I AM IN FAVOR OF HUMANITY.  I am in favor of the soul (soul power).


And then to live that; every day.  Demonstrating it in each moment of your life.

Some technical considerations

You don’t need to be “certified” to be a soul healer.  It probably hurts more than it helps, actually, because certification is – in most cases – just another word for “industrial indoctrination.”  But here’s what you do need [taken mostly from Eduardo Duran’s excellent book Healing the Soul Wound]:

  • The soul healer must have a real and deep understanding of who he is; this means that he must know spiritually where he stands and where he comes from (who his ancestors are).  “The importance of spiritual identity starts to become clear as the soul healer begins to understand that a relationship with spiritual entities is an important part of the work of healing.”
  • “The soul healer must embody the healing energy in her life in all that she does.  Western healers have a way of compartmentalizing their role as a healer from what they do in ‘real life.’”  This does not work; soul healing is an all-or-nothing pursuit.

It’s time to take the very important business of soul healing back from the professionals; they’ve had their chance (and they blew it!).  Now let humanity take a new path – no longer “productive members of society,” let us be simply “human beings with SOUL.”

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