4 year anniversary of this blog today


It’s been a hell of a four years. This blog has gone through many editorial shifts and now it’s going through a change again. We’re getting more contributors/editors and I really love that it’s become so much more than anything I could have ever imagined when I first started writing.

The author at Alt_mentalities is sharing her work here too and will continue to do that more frequently than we first thought. Will Hall and Kimbriel too will probably continue to contribute.

I’m on a break. It’s been several days since I’ve been online and that feels good and necessary. Any posts with my name on them were prescheduled. The computer monitor at this juncture is too stimulating. This has been a long-term problem but generally only in the late afternoon and evenings. Now it only takes a few minutes and it becomes painful to have the light in my eyes pretty much around the clock. My central nervous system remains very fragile.

It takes several hours a day of screen time for me to keep up the blog as I’ve been doing in the last several months so for now I do need to step back and am so excited that such wonderful people are interested in keeping the blog going.

Moving forward I will step in and post a bit as I am able and as my muse desires. Right now I’m enjoying the break.

Thanks to all the readers of this blog for making the last four years a very special and important time. We’ve seen lots of positive change and improved awareness in the mental health and psychiatric communities in this time. Let’s keep on sharing what we know that more people will have more choice in the future and that fewer people will be hurt by a system that has historically disregarded the special vulnerabilities of the people it claims to serve.

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