Homemade raw and sprouted granola (featuring sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat) #foodie friday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been sprouting beans and seeds quite a lot lately. It’s a wonderful way to get extra nutrition from the same foods. I also recently added buckwheat back into my diet. Buckwheat is a seed. It is not wheat, nor is it related to wheat. It has no gluten. Once the buckwheat is sprouted you can dehydrate it on a low heat setting. (115 is good) It remains raw but it’s crunchy like granola. Given I don’t eat grains, I’ve been really enjoying this!

(How to sprout and dehydrate buckwheat)

I make a mix in the morning right in my bowl. You could certainly mix it ahead of time in larger quantities too for convenience. I like making the mix in my bowl because I can then change ingredients as I like.

I put some dehydrated buckwheat, some coconut flakes, and then sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds. Use whatever you like! I also often toss in some fresh lentil sprouts…which actually works really well even if it sounds weird. Then I top it with a handful of blueberries (or other fruit). I use all raw and all the seeds are sprouted and dehydrated first. (except the hemp seeds which are not sprouted at all and the lentils which are just sprouted but not dehydrated)

I make raw milk with an added date for sweetness in my immersion blender cup with a raw nut or seed butter of my choice. Yes, I discovered it’s a great way to make a small amount of milk. Tablespoon of the nut or seed butter and enough water to cover the granola and the date cut up in bits. Use the immersion blender until it’s nice and smooth and pour it over your bowl of granola! it’s great!


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