Herbed cream of cauliflower soup #foodie friday

soupThis was a very easy soup to make since I did it the lazy way and didn’t sauté all the veggies first save the garlic and onion. I simply coarsely chopped up all the veggies and tossed them into stock.  This is a large soup as I like to freeze some for later. It can be made smaller or larger very easily and precise amounts of ingredients isn’t terribly important.

Do it all to your taste and experiment to see what you like. My secret is that I ALWAYS cook this way and writing recipes is rather challenging as I hardly keep track of what I do. I’ve been cooking and simply getting into the Zen of it so to speak. This soup though is delightfully easy and delicious I thought I’d share.

If you feel like the extra step, sauté the veggies first in your cooking fat/oil of choice. It does increase the richness in the final flavor to do so.


●  I used homemade veggie stock for this soup. If you can eat bone stock I do recommend homemade bone stock. I’ve not been doing bone stock much since I discovered the histamine intolerance, but I will be experimenting with using a pressure cooker because I just discovered that is supposed to lower histamine content. One can use any stock they like vegetable, bone or meat. You need about a quart and a half or two. If you want it thicker add less stock…for thinner add more. My recipes are about tasting and making it right for you! Nothing absolutely precise here, so experiment.

●  1 large cauliflower

●  2 large onions

●  1 bunch celery chopped up with leaves and all included

●  1 whole head of garlic browned in butter, ghee or coconut oil (roasting in the oven first would be nice too)

●  in a spice bag put tsp of whole black pepper corns and 3 bay leaves (if you’ve not got the bag put the bay leaves in and retrieve later and grind some fresh pepper into the mix)

●  3 tbls fresh dill chopped (you can also use dried dill, though if you can get fresh dill it’s far superior in taste) — since I first did the recipe I’ve experimented with using a whole lot more FRESH dill…go wild if you like it. I do. I don’t recommend using large quantities of dried dill…it just doesn’t hold up the same way.

●  For extra creaminess one may add a dairy product (milk or cream) or if you’re like me and no longer eat dairy, coconut milk and other nut and seed milks actually works very well too. (I make all my nut and seed milks at home in my kitchen. Perhaps another day I’ll make a post on that). Add as much as you like to get desired creaminess. Anything from a cup to two or three would be fine. You may need to add additional salt. It’s also good and still creamy without adding any milk like substance at all.

●  Bring vegetable stock to a boil while chopping and adding all the veggies. Put the spice bag in. Brown the garlic in a tablespoon of butter and then immediately add that to the boiling veggies. DON’T put in the fresh dill until the next step so it doesn’t overcook.

Once veggies are boiled to softness let it cool. You can toss the dill in at this point as well as dairy or coconut milk if you are going in that direction. Once cooled enough to handle easily blend the veggies in a blender or for a really delightful and easy solution use an immersion hand blender. This small appliance has become my favorite kitchen tool.

Oh…thought I’d share my little spice bag find which I really enjoyed using but which is also completely unnecessary if you don’t have one! You can instead use ground pepper and pull out the bay leaves. Frankly I don’t usually use a bag…I just happened to have them. A gift from a friend.

Eating wholesome whole real food is important for body/mind/spirit health and well-being. I’ve written a lot about my adventure with diet and healing here:  Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet

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