Ask, not why the addiction, but why the pain?

addictedI’ve not come across anyone else who more elegantly speaks to the pain and trauma of humanity than Gabor Maté. He clearly explains how that which gets labled mental illness, addiction and most chronic physical illness is in large part the result of childhood loss and trauma.

I think Gabor Mate has one of the clearest and most important voices on addiction today. Another voice that touches on similar themes is Marion Woodman. She points out our addiction to stuff is killing us. We need to own our inner addicts. For me these two weave an important social commentary as well as raising awareness to a public health emergency that needs tending.

Here in this very brief video Gabor Mate again shines his light on humanity and what it means to be human in a way that is touching and accessible to almost everyone.

Gabor Maté  telling us to ask “why the pain?” makes me think of Eleanor Longden who said the same about approaching those also traumatized souls who’ve been labeled with mental illness. She learned to listen to her voices and now asks anyone (who might end up in the mental health system) not “what is wrong with you” but WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?

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