Fight or flight? Try FIGHTING. Kickboxing scratches that itch.

Woke up to energy that was needing expression. Fighting. I turned on youtube and searched kickboxing. OMG where have you been all my life? Anyone with stifled fight or flight energy (from PTSD) would likely benefit from this at some point. I’ve been stuck in passive attention. That is over. What a most delicious RUSH. The body never got to fight…now it can.

The body keeps the score says Bessel van der Kolk. My body has let me know that this is true on a deep and profound level. All I need do now is continue my practice of surrender and listen and watch as it does what it always needed to do. Better late than never.

If this is interesting to you any sort of martial art might be helpful too. Explore. Do what YOUR body wants.

this is what I did this morning:

I did go through a long ecstatic dance phase, but that too stopped being the right thing for me. It was a wonderful release for a couple of years. See: ECSTATIC DANCE

Different movement at different times seem to be called for. Yoga is always part of my life and I do lots of other mindful slow practices. Energetic ones like ecstatic dance and now kickboxing certainly have their place as well. We are the full spectrum…don’t hesitate to explore any and all aspects of being human and being in a human BODY.

Update: a few hours later:  after the kickboxing I’ve been in a nervous system avalanche…stuff from lifetimes are pouring out to be felt relatively unimpeded for the first time in my life…

epigenetics is for real…this ain’t just about me and this body, this life. Healing is happening.


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