The brain (body/mind) that heals itself

(the above wonderful little flowering weed in the photo is called *self-heal* or  Prunella Vulgaris. A wonderful healing herb that’s in a tea I make with three other herbs to help flush the lymph system. Learning to get my digestive system in order — which includes the lymphatic system as it helps with moving toxins out (our detoxification pathways are generally out of whack if we are unwell in any sort of chronic way) — has helped me heal my brain/body/mind etc. My lymph system was really causing me problems…along with most all my bodies systems….the brain injury affected my entire body in a profoundly global way…more on herbal healing here: HERBS on Beyond Meds)  


What happened to my brain and nervous system as a result of long-time psych drug use was that it’s capacity to feel shrunk –literally. I’m now growing new capacities…encouraging new neural pathways and pruning less than ideal ones. I can feel this happening. Really. Anyone can do this given the right circumstances…support and resources are needed. This is why I do the work I do. We are hurting people with neurotoxic drugs that impede growth and healing. At best all they do is suppress and control.


Being both open and grounded has a completely different somatic signature than I could have possibly imagined. You really cannot know that which you have not experienced…That is now writ upon my cells to remember always.


It doesn’t really make any sense to agree or disagree with someone’s expression of their personal experience…listen, feel it, learn. Ask questions too. Asking questions is good rather than making assumptions.


Finally empty
The split gone too with just a sensation left — like a ghost limb
Nothing there is physically manifesting as a lack of equilibrium. The nervous system/brain injury continues to heal…

I’m cracking wide open.

There is no turning back.


we need to learn to talk to those with whom we do not share our opinions — discussing a difference of perception from the heart need not be a withdrawal of care or affection…not always a pleasant experience but if we can be with our uncomfortable feelings while we talk to someone we disagree with and find ways to be gentle with ourselves and the other we all win. Having different paths pretty much guarantees conflict…it’s learning to respect one another in conflict that we really grow.


yes, my 24/7 body meditation (like a perpetual body/scan) has worked to heal the brain-injury and brought me to embodiment and healing of the injury both. The body knows everything we need in order to heal. We need only know how to listen. And that, is a tough one for the modern human.


I work on this healing and reprogramming of the brain/body and mind in a multitude of different ways. We are infinitely holistic and everything matters.

This got me started–an early post on how I began while gravely ill from brain injury: Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure

This features work of Reggie Ray-was helpful at time of writing: Inhabiting our bodies in meditation

See: Neuroplasticity: Heal Your Brain: commentary and collection of links on said subject

Book: The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity

Some other ways to approach healing:

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