The work on this blog has earned me a job

I’ve gotten a paid position to continue doing the work I love. And I can do it at home just as I do this blog.

I’m not ready to be too explicit about the position. I have yet to sign the contract and work out all the details, but since it’s web-based work and I will be a web content editor of an alternatives for recovery international organization, I am sure I’ll be linking to the stuff I solicit for that website from here routinely.

This is a time of profound reflection for me. I feel it’s the beginning of my new life. I’ve felt for a long time that my work on this blog and all the work I do in all the withdrawal communities and human rights groups I belong to was leading to a career. I feel this is the first step in that evolution. Or perhaps really just  the next step. The journey started a while ago before I even realized it.

The first step was starting to come off drugs almost five years ago now, the second was getting radicalized and realizing that traditional psychiatry is woefully off-base, the third was starting to spread what I was learning on this blog and now this current step is joining forces with hundreds around the world to spread the important and necessary news of all the alternatives available to us should those who risk being psychiatrically labeled want to avoid medication and live a life free of toxins and determined by their own choices and will and not a system that imposes itself upon them.

This is ultimately a movement of educating the world about self-determination for those at risk of psychiatric discrimination and abuse.

The people I’ll be working for and with are some of the people I most admire in the world at this point. We all share a vision.

I will continue my blog, though it’s hard to tell right now if I will continue at the same pace or not. I have to see how it all works out.

The most awesome part is that I could be myself from the get go when applying for this job. I used this blog as my portfolio and resume. None of my history needs to be hidden, nor my current state of physical limitations caused by the withdrawals. How many employers would recognize my value in my current circumstance?  I do believe I’ve found home.

In the interest of being very clear, the above is my current distillation of what I currently understand what I’m part of. I am not talking on behalf of my future employers. And I am not talking as a current employee. I have a lot to learn yet I’m sure.

41 thoughts on “The work on this blog has earned me a job

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  1. Congratulations, You deserve this great break! Keep up the good work. Your life is far from over; you may do great things. The worse of your life may be over. Your life may start to be beyond your wildest dreams. You will have ups and downs going foreward, but in the end you will win.

    Jim S


  2. Congratulations!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!
    So many lives you have already touched, and now it sounds as though the time has arrived for you to reach even farther. Very exciting.


  3. Well, by wisdom, I didn’t mean just your own but the wisdom of all the great resources you have brought together and will continue to bring together on this blog and the new site for which you will be working!


  4. thank you everyone!! It’s so nice to share this with all of you.

    this job really isn’t about me…it’s about getting other people’s work out there…there is actually a lot of exciting stuff happening in the realm of alternatives that goes unreported…people doing cutting edge transformative work with people who might otherwise get labeled psychiatrically and caught up in the system….but they’re too busy doing the work to get the word out there…

    my job, as I understand it will be to solicit writing about these ventures or get out writing that has been written but not disseminated widely…and publish it.

    I will continue my own work as well…it is not done by any means and really I see this as part of my work…I have always tried to have this blog cover recovery in all different forms, not just the path I follow.

    the most holistic recovery is one that never involves drugs at all. I hope I can help people avoid the trap I fell into…but my heart of course will also always have a place with people who also find themselves on drugs and wondering how to get off like I did.

    and I’ll get to meet people who will also care about what I’m doing in this regard and perhaps help others as a result and that’s nice, but that is secondary at this point.


  5. Congratulations, Gianna. You will be so good at this and it’s such a great step from your years of super informative blogging. I hope it brings an even larger audience to your great wisdom in the care of mental health issues.


  6. Dear Gianna,

    I cannot think of better NEWS for you and for all of us. This is victory and respect for the valuable person you are. All of us in the United World for Alternatives to Psychiatry will benefit from this and I thank you profusely for the work you do.

    Congratulations!!!!! Best wishes always!!!!



  7. Oh, I love it. I had a feeling, when your doctor decided to advocate for you about drug-induced illness, that it was the start of a flowering for you. I know you are still suffering terribly, and yet I think there is an energy shift in your life alongside that. And I am so grateful for that, and for you and your hard work and perseverance in the face of such huge challenges.


  8. Congratulations Gianna! That is so wonderful!

    Your story is very encouraging to me and I’m sure many of us. Even when our journey has grown difficult, and the trials are ongoing, we can remember that we are always drawing closer to the next good thing, though it is often hidden from our view.

    Very happy for you!



  9. This is an amazing step forward! Not only for you brave Gianna, but for all of us…..and a zillion others!!!
    Congratulations Gianna! Keep us posted!


  10. Beautiful! Welcome to The New, where all of us are appreciated, honored and valued for exactly who we are. Now even more people can be gifted with your hard-won insight, information and inspiration! Thanks, Giannakali, for doing your part to shift the axis of the universe. Blessings on your future…



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