Paper In New ‘Psychosis’ Journal Shows Many Patients Do Better Without Psychiatric Drugs

This is wonderful stunning news that is actually being recognized by a few actual psychiatrists who count in that corrupt world!! From Medical News Today: The very first paper, by Dr John Bola of the University of Southern California and three European researchers, reviews the only five studies of what happens when people diagnosed 'schizophrenic'... Continue Reading →

Finally, I found the perfect physical therapist

Well, there is a happy epilogue to the home care story. After the latest debacle, I never got back to the home care agency. Prior to that incident I'd had another bad experience. I had no interest in engaging with them after all this as I didn't feel like being honest and telling them they... Continue Reading →

Meditation and prayer alter the brain

Just more documentation on the neuroplasticity of our brains and how we can change how they work and make them heal through discipline and faith. It's important to note that specific religions are not noted here. This is a human faculty that is separate from specific religions. From the Ventura County Star: Labeled one of... Continue Reading →

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