Decolonizing Our Minds, Freeing Our Spirits: Guest blogger Leah Harris

Leah Harris is one of the many wonderful people I've met through all the varieties of work I do online. We had a conversation about language one day and and how it can define how people feel about themselves. Leah volunteered to write about it for the blog.  I was tickled that she'd be interested... Continue Reading →

If you weren’t already convinced we should eat organic

The New York Times has an editorial today about the overuse of antibiotics in pigs. I'm moving in the direction of sticking to non-mammal forms of animal protein, but since I know I need animal protein for my well-being at this point in my existence, as much as I hate to be part of the... Continue Reading →

Loren Mosher speaks about Soteria house, where “schizophrenics” recovered without drugs

The late great Loren R. Mosher, M.D was the Chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia, and the National Institutes of Mental Health when he founded Soteria. I've talked about Soteria numerous times on this blog and linked to it's website and the book about it many times. Now you can here it's founder,... Continue Reading →

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