The psychiatrist who traumatized me most rises from my past smack dab into my present!

This was written when I was using a pseudonym (Gianna Kali) which I no longer use. The comments on this post should be read to see how this sudden and unexpected encounter led to release and healing. Some who just read the body of this post only see the conflict and anger. I've no particular... Continue Reading →

Jim Gottstein’s recovery story from psychosis and psychiatric care and how he now fights for the rights of those less fortunate

I've been traveling in some of the same online communities with Jim Gottstein in the last couple of years and had the pleasure to get to know him a bit. We talked today and I told him that early on in the creation of this blog, before I knew the rules of the blogosphere I'd... Continue Reading →

Guide to pesticide exposure on produce

This is a list of conventional vegetables and which are most heavily impacted by pesticides down to those which are least impacted by pesticides. This is good information to have in the event, if you'd like to minimize exposure but save some money at the same time like I do. So basically you want to... Continue Reading →

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