Robert Whitaker on Madness Radio talking about how psychiatric drugs may be making many people worse

Robert Whitaker's latest interview on Madness Radio with Will Hall. The description on Madness Radio's website is this: Has society's embrace of psychiatric medications led to recovery -- or chronic disability? What would honest medical policy and treatment standards be if they were free of pharmaceutical company corruption? Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Whitaker, author of... Continue Reading →

Biederman busted big time

New York Times today---an excerpt: Federal prosecutors have issued a subpoena seeking information about the work and statements of three prominent Harvard researchers who have been the focus of a Congressional investigation into conflicts of interest in medicine. The researchers — Drs. Joseph Biederman, Thomas Spencer and Timothy E. Wilens — are named in the... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s tips for meditation

I love the part about meditating on a noisy train. This is something I often do, that is, meditate in places people don't conceive of being appropriate spaces. Meditation is much more about being wherever you are fully in the moment then it is about being in a silent place with no distractions. While being... Continue Reading →

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