Eli Lilly and the Case for a Corporate Death Penalty — Bruce Levine

By Bruce Levine from Alternet. Unfortunately,  Eli Lilly is alone in its criminal behavior. This is standard practice in Big Pharma. AstraZeneca is currently behaving in digusting fashion regarding it's drug Seroquel and well GlaxoSmithKline has done all sorts of artful activity covering up its tracks around it's blockbuster drug Paxil. Also just today Doug... Continue Reading →

Today my second year blogiversary

I started this blog with no expectations and what has happened as a result of this blog has blown my mind in terms of what I thought might be possible. I had no idea my blog would grow to what it has grown to be. This work has led to being published in a journal,... Continue Reading →

Five ways to be mindful—by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Simple rules to live by. I've featured Jon Kabat-Zinn on this site before. There is a great google video with him giving a brilliant lecture here. The video is at the bottom of the post and well worth watching. From US News and World Report: 1. Consider what's right with you. "Until you stop breathing,... Continue Reading →

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