98% Of Babies Manic-Depressive

From the Onion: NEW YORK—A new study published in The Journal Of Pediatric Medicine found that a shocking 98 percent of all infants suffer from bipolar disorder. "The majority of our subjects, regardless of size, sex, or race, exhibited extreme mood swings, often crying one minute and then giggling playfully the next," the study's author... Continue Reading →

Laughter: truly the best medicine

I posted on Laughter Yoga a while back which included a video. I have often noticed that laughter truly takes me away and alters my consciousness. I should say I also purposely watch a lot of stupid comedies on TV and movies for exactly this reason. I try to laugh as often as possible, which... Continue Reading →

Vitamin D3—a healing nutrient for body and mind

Dr. Walt Goodpastor is a naturopathic doctor. Below is a piece he wrote for the network in response to questions another member had. I asked if I could reprint it here. I've slightly edited it to make it clear in this context. The question he is responsding to was, "Have you visited the Vitamin D... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

The quote of the day today comes from an email from one of the readers of this blog, Grainne Humphrys. What an honor to get to know such souls. I have learnt that if we can hold both our perpetrator and victim energies and really own them, it takes us into another realm.

Investigators win approval of fake medical product

This is just darn scary: Government investigators looking into lax screening of medical research said Thursday they easily won approval from a private review board of a fake product to be used in medical testing on human subjects. The Government Accountability Office also said it was able to register with the Health and Human Services... Continue Reading →

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