Testify to the FDA about your Seroquel experience

This is very important. If you have a compelling story or even just an adverse reaction of any kind at least send a letter. We want to stop AstraZeneca from drugging what could amount to hundreds of thousands of more people. Here are directions on what to do.

Seroquel user’s testimony for FDA’s psychopharmacology advisory committee

Philip at Furious Seasons who has been covering the AstraZeneca debacle gave me permission to post a "consumers" testimony that is going to be part of the hearings. I've barely mentioned what's going on with Seroquel and AstraZeneca lately and it's very important stuff. Do go have a visit to the second link I list... Continue Reading →

Just for fun…a really cool video

Van Santos turned me on to this phenomena. I put a different video on my blog because I can't embed much of anything other than google and youtube video. So check out Van Santos for another cool video as well.

“invincible summers” on trauma

I want to call attention to a post written by my friend Kim at invincible summers and then I'm posting my response to her. Read her whole post here for context. It's about trauma and brings up a lot of good issues. My response to her first was to highlight something she wrote: Although I... Continue Reading →

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