Suicidal tendencies

I've got so much chaotic agonizing pain in my body today I don't know how I can or will articulate it, but I'm going to try. Besides the usual physical discomforts I've become accustomed to living with I was harpooned yesterday with an emotional whammy. Being that I'm so physically delicate the enormity of this... Continue Reading →

Family Secrets and the healing of bipolar disorder (or any psychotic process)

Sean from bipolarOrWakingUp has made another video. He is someone I call friend whom I deeply respect. I do not agree with everything he says, or maybe more precisely I would deliver a similar message in a different way. Ultimately I think what he is doing is right on, but I want people to know... Continue Reading →

Goldmine Yoga website alert!! is a free directory containing thousands of Yoga poses and Routines, categorized by difficulty and style of Yoga. There are tons of videos from youtube all collected on this sight. I highly recommend bookmarking this site and studying it. Sometimes just a couple of yoga poses is all you need to change your energy.... Continue Reading →

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