New look and a couple of new pages

Okay, I've revamped the site and will probably continue tweaking it for a while. I also want to call attention to the somewhat updated "Comment Policy," and the new page called "Damning Evidence," which is a work in progress. It's a page of pieces from my archives that are basically research based and not anecdotal... Continue Reading →

Lexapro squeaks by FDA approval for teens

Read Philip's inside scoop...he concludes his research with this paragraph. So we have two failed studies and a positive study of Celexa with a very small effect size plus a poster presentation of Lexapro and that's what the FDA based its approval of Lexapro for teens upon. My guess is that this drug just barely... Continue Reading →

Coffee definitely messed me up in conjunction with the psychiatric drugs

Mind altering drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs. Yup, legal, illicit or otherwise.  And as this man in the video points out this is not about being hard-core anti-drug or anti-coffee. It's about taking care of ourselves and not becoming DEPENDENT on artificial substances to keep us going. It took me two years to... Continue Reading →

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