Bad, bad, news…

This is terribly dismaying. Very little research is being done in any case on natural, safe alternatives and now there is a fight to shut down the very little that is being done. They call natural, safe methods of healing pseudoscience?? That is a much better term for pharmaceuticals treating "psychiatric problems."  Psychiatry is a... Continue Reading →

AstraZeneca buries information on Seroquel

That AstraZeneca and Seroquel have been in hot water lately for various reasons is well known by anybody who follows pharma and psychiatric news. There has been a ton of info to follow and since it's not the main focus of my blog I've only mentioned it once or twice. For thorough background coverage check... Continue Reading →

Video: Ray Sandford, advocates, speak out against forced shock treatments

It is beyond me how this can be continuing. For a long list of updates on the issue, many of which I've posted on this blog visit MindFreedom. Found this at Rayne's World. Read her commentary here. I'm too pooped this morning.

Who I am: not this blog

Note: for anyone reading my blog now or in the future: this in part is a healing therapeutic process for me. I am not hateful, vengeful or vindictive as some people seemed to think when I confronted an old abuser. I do not hate this man. Please read the comment thread on that post if... Continue Reading →

Addiction Risk Seen in Wakefulness Drug Provigil (and Ritalin)

Healthy people are starting to use stimulants to help them stay "alert." And lo and behold, studies are showing that they are addictive. It's time to wake up world! ALL psychotropics are addictive or if you're one of the hair-splitters, all psychotropics can lead to dependency and/or severe withdrawal issues. ALL OF THEM, stimulants, sedatives,... Continue Reading →

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