My correspondence with the psychiatrist who put me on all the drugs

  I actually correspond with the psychiatrist who medicated the hell out of me. I've been sending him bits and pieces from my blog and he's been pretty open-minded and decent with me. It's been a terrifying process for me though. I loved my psychiatrist and still have warm feelings for him as a human... Continue Reading →

Antidepressant Use Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death

For days the headlines have been screaming that depression is associated with sudden cardiac disease and death in women. Today this study perhaps tells us more! From MedScape today: A new analysis has found that major depression predicted cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in women participating in the Nurses' Health Study [1]. The hazard ratios were... Continue Reading →

As antipsychotics lose favor, trend to benzodiazepines (history may repeat itself)

I just found a very frightening article. While the alarms bells are appropriately being rung about antipsychotics being dangerous is numerous ways, this study in the elderly show that docs are prescribing benzodiazipines instead. Benzos are notoriously bad for everyone and especially bad for the elderly. Prescribing benzos in the geriatric community has been considered... Continue Reading →

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