Ray Sandford petition—can I ask why with hundreds of you visiting only 10 of you have signed this petition?

Honestly folks. Click this link and sign the damn thing. It takes about one minute. Please let me watch my stats jump on clicks out to this link. I can't imagine what's stopping you. From the petition site: Ray is a 55-year-old Minnesota resident who is regularly  receiving "Involuntary Outpatient Maintenance Electroshock." Involuntary outpatient electroshock... Continue Reading →

Symbax—the Zyprexa/Prozac Eli Lilly combo drug approved for depression

This drug was approved quite a long time ago for "bipolar-depression," and has now been approved for plain old garden variety depression, uh, make that "treatment resistant" garden-variety depression which seems to be about 70% of depression because, well, the treatment psychiatry routinely uses DON'T work. Nope antidepressants routinely don't work, so now they want... Continue Reading →

Just for fun: working in a horizontal position with a laptop in my lap

This is usually the way I look while I work, except since it's still cold most of the time I have a blanket and I'm often quite disheveled as I don't have the energy or physical strength to shower daily. This would be a sweet set-up given my situation, no? This is, indeed, how I... Continue Reading →

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