Bottled Drinking Water Contaminated With Potent Estrogen—and this can effect especially women with PMS like symptoms!!

I don't eat soy because it has lots of estrogen. I also don't eat conventional veggies in part because pesticides too contain xenoestrogens. I've also known for a long time that plastic bottles leach estrogens but I have NOT cut out plastic bottles of water. It's time I do. Lifestyle changes take time and this... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness meditation for PTSD–check out Doug Bremner’s awesome work

Doug Bremner is a psychiatrist at Emory University who has dedicated most of his career to the study of PTSD. He also has a great blog, Before You Take That Pill that is critical of the massive drugging of Americans. Not just in psychiatry but in all of medicine. Please go view the video about... Continue Reading →

More beginning meditation instruction

The audio on this video is by one of my meditation teachers. I used to meditate with Jack Kornfield frequently on Monday nights and did a couple of short retreats with him when I lived near his center and before that I had read his book. I posted from his book here if you care... Continue Reading →

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