My prayerful and meditative journey of late–beginning lessons of the soul

Every morning when I wake up now I start it first with a period of contemplative prayer, followed by a period of mindfulness meditation. I only began to pray recently, in the last few months when my physical suffering at times became unbearable. Emotionally too I was struggling with questions about why in the hell... Continue Reading →

The New York Times continues to spread the bullshit: Fatal Illness More Likely in Bipolar Patients

I wrote about a study a week or so again showing that the mentally ill die more frequently where there is no mention of the DRUGS they prescribe these people being the CAUSE of all said diseases that are killing these folks. This careless disregard for the truth is so enraging I just want to... Continue Reading →

This is what orthomolecular medicine is about–nutrition heals!!

Short news clip on diet healing all manner of psychiatric diagnosis. Generally it's just part of the picture, but a very important part.

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