Opening to insight

An  excerpt from Wildmind Buddhist Meditation website to think about. Know that I am not a Buddhist and I post texts from many different religious traditions. I have practiced Visassana (mindfulness) meditation for many years as well because it need no be attached to any belief system. I have found great comfort in a skill... Continue Reading →

Beating the anti-antidepressant drum….It’s Life, Not Depression

This is all old news, but I always have some new readers so I'm posting this excerpt from NaturalNews. If any of this info is new to you, please read the whole article. It's a nice little primer about how big pharma works, complete with the issues of disease mongering etc. It's also a nice... Continue Reading →

Researcher Slams SSRIs, Citing Large Risks And Small Benefits

I got this PDF file emailed to me yesterday, but wasn't well enough to take a good look at it, so just visit Furious Seasons's today. This is a VERY important step forward. Furious Seasons no longer exists so here is a copy of the original post: March 19, 2009 Researcher Slams SSRIs, Citing Large... Continue Reading →

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