The truth about statins

Chris Kresser from The Healthy Skeptic made a couple of great videos on statins. This is information everyone should know as statins are pushed routinely on healthy people and they are dangerous drugs.

From the post these videos come from:

Statins are the most popular drugs in history. Drug companies made $26 billion selling statins alone in 2008. 25 million Americans take them, and the number is growing each year.

One reason why statins are the best-selling drug category by far is that 92% of people taking them are healthy. The FDA has approved the prescription of statins to people at low risk for heart disease and stroke, who don’t even have low cholesterol. Two years ago the American Academy of Pediatricians recommended that statins be prescribed for kids as young as eight years old.

Read the rest of the post and follow the links on Chris’s blog for much more comprehensive information on statins. The Healthy Skeptic is a great blog to help with just about all your health care concerns.

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