Switching mental illness off and on? girls reach puberty much earlier and female sexual dysfunction, fun with disease mongering: Thursday news and blogs

  • The Switches That Can Turn Mental Illness On and Off — Discover —The difference between one personality and another is not determined by genes alone. Love’s got something to do with it too… This month’s column is a tale of two rats. One rat got lots of attention from its mother when it was young; she licked its fur many times a day. The other rat had a different experience. Its mother hardly licked its fur at all. The two rats grew up and turned out to be very different. The neglected rat was easily startled by noises. It was reluctant to explore new places. When it experienced stress, it churned out lots of hormones. Meanwhile, the rat that had gotten more attention from its mother was not so easily startled, was more curious, and did not suffer surges of stress hormones
  • The Female Viagra Pill Failed To Boost Desire: FDA — Pharmalot — The FDA Division of Reproductive/Urologic Drug Products cited several points of “major concern” heading into the meeting: The trials didn’t show a statistically significant difference for desire. Also, BI’s request to use the Female Sexual Function Index desire items as an alternative tool to evaluate sexual desire wasn’t statistically justified or supported by exploratory data from one study, which also failed to demonstrate a statistically significant treatment benefit on desire using the FSFI desire items….And the reviewers wrote “there were many significant medical and medication exclusion criteria for the efficacy trials, so it is not clear whether the safety and efficacy data from these trials are generalizable to the target population for the drug.”

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