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Grainne is a close friend of mine who has been working tirelessly not only for the release of her partner, John, but also for all people who are wrongly labeled and locked up like chattel. She believes crisis is a messenger for personal transformation. She is deeply concerned and appalled by the drugging and labelling of children, our most precious gifts and teachers. She has been campaigning for the release of John Hunt for over 4 years. I have posted several pieces of Grainne’s very moving and beautiful work on this blog. You can see links to all of them here.

Today her work with her partner has been written about in an Irish newspaper.

A Cork woman has pleaded this week for the release of her partner who has been locked up in a Cork psychiatric unit against the wishes of his family for over four years,. John Hunt (29) will not spend Father’s Day with his four-year-old son Josh this Sunday. Instead he faces another day of heavy medication and detention in Carraig Mor in Shanakiel, against his will and to the emotional torment of his partner, son, mother and friends.

Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, John was first detained in 2006 after he suffered a breakdown, according to his partner Grainne Humphrys from West Cork.

She has started an online campaign for his release from what she calls a “psychiatric prison” and a “chemical straitjacket”.

“John suffered a breakdown when I was pregnant with our son Josh and his frightened mother Marion signed him in. But now, we can’t get him out. We have no say,” she told the Cork Independent. read the rest here

To help support John and Grainne here are links that deal with the campaign to free him.

Sign the petition to free John Please take action here.

Facebook cause: The incarceration of John

The blog: The incarceration of John

Check back later for more links. Grainne is being swamped with calls from reporters today, but she will update me with more links when she is able. Please look a the other work Grainne has done for this blog as it’s extremely inspiring and will also shed more light on what is happening to John.

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