Action alert: help stop the forced/involuntary electric shock treatment of Elizabeth Ellis

An alert from MindFreedom for us to take ACTION on the part of Elizabeth Ellis who is trying to avoid receiving electric shock. YES — people are still FORCED to get this “treatment.” Elizabeth is clearly capable of making her own decision. I’ve posted on this before and it’s time we do more.

A judge has asked the Sheriff to pick up Elizabeth Ellis, 67, living peacefully at home with her husband in Moorhead, Minnesota, and bring her to a psychiatric institution. The main reason? Elizabeth refused to report last month for another involuntary court-ordered outpatient electroshock. Support a grassroots campaign to phone Minnesota’s new governor at 651-201-3400.

Alert 2 – 16 February 2011

“Elizabeth may be picked up any minute.”

Stop the Forced Electroshock of Elizabeth Ellis!


Join a phone-in to office of Minn. Governor Mark Dayton at


Your message in your own words: “What is your office doing to stop the involuntary outpatient electroshock of Elizabeth Ellis and others? Why have your staff not responded to MindFreedom?”

MindFreedom International director David Oaks said:

“Join me in peacefully flooding the Governor’s office with calls every day. Be civil and strong, but do not give up, until this new Governor speaks up and takes action.

“For nearly three weeks, we’ve heard nothing back from the Governor’s staff. Now it’s an emergency! The mental health industry needs an ‘Egyptian’ moment! Phone now! 651-201-3400!”

Latest News Updates about Elizabeth Campaign:

You may now visit a new “Elizabeth Campaign Gateway” for the latest updates and news here.

An international campaign has sprung up to help Elizabeth and her husband say “No!” to her forced outpatient electroshock.

Photo of Robert and Elizabeth Ellis, who say "no" to her forced outpatient electroshockElizabeth told the MindFreedom office in an interview today:

“I have gotten the orders to ‘revoke and transport.’ I spoke with my public defender. He said the sheriff can come at any minute. My attorney has written an affidavit challenging the need to continue ECT. I also have an appointment with a new psychiatrist this weekend who supports my right to say ‘no’ to electroshock.”

Said Elizabeth: “They claim they are trying to save my life. But maybe they are trying to save their image, now that they know I’m challenging them and I have an organization’s backing.”

Elizabeth added, “I’m in very good mental health. I’m active, eating, sleeping, doing everything. I’m in deep appreciation of MindFreedom for putting out alerts.”

Her husband Robert (see photo of the couple above) agreed: “Elizabeth doesn’t need electroshock. She’s been fine, active. We’ve been doing things together. She’s pretty sharp, but her memory is still off from the electroshock. I’m angry and upset about this court order for her to have forced outpatient electroshock.”

For the latest info, check frequently at the Elizabeth Ellis Campaign Gateway.

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