Some do-it-yourself yoga resources is a free directory containing thousands of Yoga poses and Routines, categorized by difficulty and style of Yoga. There are tons of videos from youtube all collected on this site.

Don't worry this is not a beginner's pose!!
Don't worry this is not a beginner's pose!!

And then’s youtube channel is also a goldmine of full-length yoga classes for all occasions.

Since I’m not well enough to practice yoga for more than a few minutes at a time, I’m using this time to very slowly get to know exactly what I’m doing with yoga. I watch routines, sometimes going along with them and other times not in order to find asanas that make sense to my body these days.

I’ve found that restorative yoga is very good for me now in my de-conditioned state too.

This is a nice short restorative routine I’ve modified and try to do daily. It’s quite an invigorating start and feels really good even when it doesn’t, if you know what I mean:

My favorite restorative pose remains legs against the wall:

Or I also have my butt a few inches from the wall. Feel free to make any adjustments your body finds necessary. Absolute form isn’t terribly important when it comes to learning yoga and accommodating oneself for comfort and lack of pain are actually very important.  On some days doing this can alter the course of the day for the better. It’s really quite wonderful when it works that way.

Here is an example of child’s pose with and without props so you can have an idea of what I mean.

One should never hesitate to make oneself comfortable! On some occasions you may want props and others not too…our bodies needs change daily.

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